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So, this is our first game. We made it in two weeks (started on Christmas Eve 24/12/15 and finished on 5/1/16), and used some stock UE4 assets to get us going. This isn't a paid game and any copyright for the models/anims used stay with the rightsholders. We also don't expect anyone to pay for this, although if you do, cool - thanks!

The game is kind of like one big puzzle, with enemies spawning throughout the level, in an endless wave style (get to the end, start wave 2 and get put back at the start with more enemies). The key thing is that the game is pretty much based on the world rotation gameplay mechanic - as you have to rotate the world to be able to even get through, let alone make cover for yourself when the enemies are shooting!

Also, while we would definitely appreciate some feedback, please do bear in mind that we know certain things are broken, and now that it's released, we will hopefully fix these issues and improve the game over time.

Anyway, enjoy!


ALSO, when you finish the first wave, you will be put back to the start and have to go through again but it'll be harder.


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